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After summer, our Film School is open again!

Did you attend our first filmmaking course? It was not that long ago, but during this time we learned one thing or two.

For instance, now we are fortunate to have elevador. This is a little venue in Poblenou that our co-organizer Wisse puts to our filmmaking community disposition. Having our own place means that we are more flexible in case any problem arises. Like, for example, if we are forced to postpone one of our workshops (like it happened before).

If you still didn’t do it, we encourage you to check “elevador” multiple events!

Having our own place also means that we are more flexible with the schedule. That allows us to base our activities on completion, and not on time windows.

Now that we have the experience and the space, we are really excited to anounce the start of our Film School academic course with two new courses for October and November in Barcelona.

Once again, the film director Jonathan Herzberg will be the instructor for those new courses. Nou you have the opportunity to learn how to plan and elaborate a script for both fiction and documentary projects.

Fiction or reality… which path will you take?

Either if you are a reality storyteller or a fiction maker, you will find in those courses many valuable insights to plan and produce your next film project in a successful way.

If you want to learn more we recommend you to attend the introductory sessions Jonathan will impart in the next two weeks. Please register to our Meetup group to book your place for the session/s that suits you better:

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