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Our Filmmaking Club open membership covers all the aspects you will ever need
to create and make your film project grow. To achieve that, the Club offers:


Planning your next project? Meet other filmmakers around the globe and share your passion and projects. Our community is every day bigger and stronger!


Get ready to gain some film culture and enjoy our free learning resources. And don't miss out our affordable advanced lectures, courses and seminars!


Reach out and find the lacking allies to start a new film project. Whatever your skills are, The Club gives you the tools to team up with other cast & crew members


Our organization was born to support all kind of creators from the video and film production industry, both professionals and amateurs.

Among our members, we are proud to have keen directors, producers, actors, editors, artists, screenwriters and even people that still didn’t find their place within the film production team.

Ever since we started in 2018, we at Filmmaker Club hosted dozens of events, courses and seminars in Barcelona, helping talented filmmakers, actors and crew members move their projects forward. Join our filmmaker family now and start empowering your career!

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