Film fiction course
Film fiction course

Filmmaking Course – Storytelling for fiction films

8 Tuesdays, starting Sep 26th until Nov14th. The classes are 3 hours long,  from 7pm to 10pm.
ELEVADOR - C/Llull, 267 – Barcelona
Basic – Intermediate
Who is this course for?
This course has no pre-requisites, but it's ideal for scriptwriters, filmmakers and anyone who wants to be successful planning and writing the script for a fiction film project.

Classes structure

  • Introduction and first ideas
  • Developing ideas
  • The molecules of cinema
  • Writing for the screen
  • Dialogue and subtext
  • The first draft
  • Pitching
  • Feedback and conclusions


Recent revolutions in digital technology have made it easier and more affordable than ever to create your own short films. But what makes for a good short film? How do you write one? And how can you make it personal without necessarily having to write something autobiographical?

In this course, filmmaker and screenwriter Jonathan Herzberg takes you from the very first idea to a finished first version of a script. He discusses the creative process, explains how to explore an idea to find its full potential, and shows how to think and write cinematically.

By sharing his knowledge, watching relevant material together and discussing student work, Jonathan will gradually introduce you to his core vision: The secret of good scriptwriting does not lie in a specific type of structure or model, but in an understanding of the origin of the story within yourself.

The course will require the student to do some work at home. The course will be fully imparted in English.

About the teacher

Jonathan Herzberg is a writer, director, teacher and script doctor. Before he studied directing at the Dutch Film and Television Academy (graduating in 2011), he studied philosophy and took courses in diverse fields as economics, political science, film studies and literature. In his first year in filmschool he co-wrote and directed the feature length roadmovie ‘The Road to Cadiz’. The film premiered at the Dutch Film Festival, was selected for CPH:PIX in Kopenhagen, and was released in more than ten Dutch cinemas. After graduating from film school in 2011, Jonathan has made a number of short films, and has worked as a creative, copywriter and director in advertising.

At the moment he is developing several longer projects while teaching storytelling for fiction & documentary and directing actors, at the Amsterdam Film School and working as a script doctor.


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