Play your part on climate change, be an extra in Melanie Brennan’s music video

Media Collective Studio, the people behind the Filmmakers Club, sometimes participate in the production of some of the projects that our members propose to us. This time we decided to join the Australian artist Melanie Brennan in the production of her new song “Oh, Coal!”, which tries to draw people’s attention to the well known problem of the use of fossil fuels in Australia and its effects on climate change.

If you are curious about how a music video is produced and are keen to participate as an extra, keep reading because this might be of interest to you.

When and where?

30th of March, 10am-6pm, Poblenou – Barcelona (near metro Marina & Bogatell)

Food & drinks provided throughout the day

What kind of extras we need?

There are three main types of characters aka ‘The Three Ps’: Politicians, Protestors and The Press. Don’t worry – for these roles no experience is necessary and you won’t need to deliver lines. You just need some enthusiasm and to be open to being directed by a team of experienced professionals!


Who: 4-6 men aged 25-50.

Wear: A dark-coloured suit with white shirt and a dark coloured tie (any colour is fine except for green).

Bring: A sense of humour and openness to dancing


Who: 5-10 men & women, any age.

Wear: Dark, neutral coloured clothes (e.g. plain top and black pants/black skirt with tights)

Bring: One or two props e.g. a camera, a note pad + pen, a lanyard. If you don’t have anything suitable  to bring just let us know and we can get one for you.


Who: 10-12 men & women aged 21-40.

Wear: Casual clothes, bright coloured if possible but without symbols, logos or texts.

Bring: A fierce attitude and openness to dancing! (We will provide signs for you to carry)

We also need a hair & makeup artist

We are also looking for a hair & makeup artist to join us next Saturday 30th. This is a PAID job. Please contact us at with a brief bio and some photos of your work.

About the song:

It’s about how certain world leaders continue to support the fossil fuel economy even though the majority of us are pro renewable energies and very concerned about the consequences for climate change if we continue down the ‘business as usual’ path. It shows the current dialogue between politicians and citizens done in a ‘musical’ style with three main acts. The music video has real potential to go viral, as this is such a hot topic right now on a global scale!

For more details, contact Melanie Brennan: with a headshot or showreel if you have one (this is to see which role will suit you best).

  1. I would love to take part in this project but I have arranged something for that day.
    Please keep me in mind for any other project.
    Best regards

  2. Unfortunately I must work saturday :-(( :-((
    Really upset.. I would have partecipate with pleasure in a real shooting..!!

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