We are Film

Filmmakers Club is an international community of independent filmmakers based in Barcelona. We welcome anyone who is interested in the process of making films of any kind.

Our association supports producers, actors, editors, makeup artists, screenwriters and any other professional related to the audiovisual industry.

Join our community for making new contacts and exchanging knowledge and expertease!

Welcome to our society

Our story starts in the beginning of 2018, when we created a little group in Barcelona with the ambition of gathering people from all over the world with the same passion for making films.

With time we have seen our community grow, and after a year we are one of the largest filmmaking groups in Barcelona, which encourages us to keep empowering video and film creators.

Either if you are planning or already in the process of creating a documentary, a short or a feature film, you will surely know how important is to coordinate a good team. That's where our film society comes into play. Our aim is to serve as a meeting place where you can find other people with your own needs and interests. This is how we do it:

We learn from each other

If you are serious about filmmaking, get ready to learn from the other’s members works. We think knowledge should be free and available for everyone.

We share our equipment

In our group we don't just share our skills and knowledge. We also share our cameras, microphones, drones and any other equipment in order to create collaborative productions.

We link and grow every day

Join any of our free events and start connecting with other fellow film lovers. Our filmmakers community is becoming every day bigger and stronger!

Upcoming events

September 22
Music video screening + meet the artist + tiny concert!
Elevador - Barcelona
Sep 24 - Nov 12
Filmmaking course - Storytelling for documentary making
Elevador - Barcelona
Sep 26- Nov 14
Filmmaking Course – Storytelling for fiction films
Elevador - Barcelona

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