Who we are?

Filmmakers Club is an international community of amateurs and professionals from the film industry based in Barcelona.
Join the Filmmakers Club if movies are your passion! We welcome everyone willing to socialize, make new contacts and learn about the art of making cinema.
We schedule events every few weeks, sharing knowledge and resources to create co-produced films. Either you are a producer, actor, editor, makeup artist, screenwriter or any other professional or amateur from the audiovisual industry, join our community and start making movies!

What do we do?

We learn from each other
If you are serious about filmmaking, get ready to learn from the other’s members works. We think knowledge should be free and available for everyone.
We share our equipment
In our group we don’t just share our skills and knowledge. We also share our cameras, microphones, drones and any other equipment in order to create collaborative productions.
We link and grow every day
Join any of our free events and start connecting with other fellow film lovers. Our filmmakers community is becoming every day bigger and stronger!

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